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  • Telemedicine is now available through our registered health care providers.
  • Let SearchMed help you find the health care provider for you! Use either your location or their own to find any provider in the United States.
  • Select an available appointment slot from their profile and choose whether you want to visit them in office, or through telemedicine over a secure connection!
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Download Our Personal Health Record

  • Our Personal Health Record (PHR) is free to download and use!
  • Attach a copy of our PHR to any scheduled appointmment with a registered health care provider in our system!
  • All of your invaluable information in a single place and completely organized!
  • Over 36 Pages that can be edited and brought to any office or telemedicine visit!
We understand the importance of privacy when choosing a health care provider. We will never track you, or sell your data to a third party.