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in just three clicks and 50 milliseconds.

  1. Select from the PROVIDER TYPE drop down menu and select one of the following PHYSICIAN DENTIST PHARMACY HOSPITAL OTHER HEALTH CARE VETERINARIAN
  2. Select the SPECIALTY you are searching for
  3. Select the DISTANCE you want to search from your location
  4. Type in a CITY NAME or ZIP CODE for your provider or select “USE MY LOCATION”

What SearchMed can do for you!

Find a Doctor, Dentist, Pharmacy, Hospital, Veterinarian, or Any Other Health Care Provider Near Me or Across the Country at Any Time. SearchMed is a website that has assembled all of the registered health care providers in the United States and they’re organized so that you can quickly find the health care provider you need in just a few quick clicks.

  • Search Our Site of Health Care Providers for Free
  • We Will Never Ask You for Sensitive Information
  • We Will Never Track Your Activity or Sell Your Information
  • Take our free Personal Health Record (PHR) to organize your health history
  • Use your Personal Health Record as a paperless office visit

We have premium profiles for our registered practitioners that will allow you to see your health care provider before ever going to their office plus most will have introductory videos. Some practitioners will have many more instructional videos that will help you with most simple health problems and educate you more about your health and recent advances in medicine. From a premium profile, you can make an appointment, learn about their educational history, which hospitals they practice at, if any, and meet their co-workers all conveniently and intuitively laid out.


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  • We Understand the Importance of Privacy When Choosing a Healthcare Provider
  • No Signup Required — Just Search and Go
  • We Will Never Sell Your Data to a Third Party and We Will Never Track You

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All Your Vital Health Information in One Convenient Place

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